3rd International Sufi Gathering: July, 8-11, 2020

Ana Sayfa3rd International Sufi Gathering: July, 8-11, 2020

3rd  International Sufi Gathering

In the City of Languages and Religions: Mardin


July 8-11, 2020

Along with Venice and Jerusalem, Mardin is one of the three cities in the world whose structure texture is intact and protected. It is a world city that has embraced various civilizations and hosted different sects, ethnic groups and traditions on the historical Silk Road and the fertile Mesopotamian plain for 12 thousand years. It is on the UNESCO “World Cultural Heritage List” with its appearance as a Natural Outdoor Museum. It is the meeting point of religions (Islam, Christianity and Yazidi) and languages (Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, Syriac and Armenian).

We have successfully completed our 1st International Sufi Conference and Retreat Camp (Konya 2018) and 2nd International Sufi Conference: Sufi Chivalry in the evolution of Personality (Sarıkamıs/Kars, 2019), under the leadership of our beloved teacher Sarafil Bawa (Pir Zia Inayat Khan) and with the participation of our valuable international and Turkish teachers and our esteemed guests. 

This year, on July 8-11, 2020, in Mardin, we will again in the leadership Dr. Zia Inayat Khan, welcome our international and domestic teachers and guests. During the conference, as we experience our inner richness that we have inherited from our ancestors, we will celebrate the legacy of Prophet Abraham (pbuh) known as “the Friend of God” and we will have the opportunity to explore the richness of Mardin's history as well.

Between July 12-17, with the participation of Zia Inayat Khan, we will visit Mardin, Sanliurfa, Adiyaman and Diyarbakir, respectively.

Tour Program: MARDIN: Dara Ancient City, Mor Behnam Forties Church (Assyrian Ancient Forties Church), Mor Gabriel Monastery (Deyrulumur Monastery), Deyrulzafaran Monastery, Grand Mosque, Kasimiye Madrasa, Zinciriye (Sultan Isa) Madrasa, SANLIURFA: Prophet Suayb (Jethro) Antique City and His Maqam, Sogmatar Antique City, Harran, Maqam of Hz. Ayyub (Job) Village, Hz. Abraham's Birth Cave and Mevlid-i Halil Mosque (Center), Halil-ur Rahman (Balikligol) Basin and Lake Aynzeliha, Deir-i Messiah (Jesus Church-Center, Gobeklitepe, ADIYAMAN: Mount Nemrut,  Tomb of Prophet Ezra (Uzayir), Safwan B. Muattal (RA), DIYARBAKIR: City Walls and Hevsel Gardens, Ulu (Great) Mosque, Four-Legged Minaret, Egil (Tombs of the Prophets), the place where part of the Bible of Johanna written, Surp Giragos Armenian Church, Hz. Solomon Mosque and 27 Sahaba (Companions of the Prophet) Tomb.

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